Put the pedal to the metal and let the Tru Octa Core processor of the Canvas Knight handle the rest. Dive into an amazing world of High-Definition entertainment on the
12.7 cm FHD IPS screen. Click images on your Canvas Knight just by saying 'Cheese' or 'Capture'! Pump up the volume on the Yamaha Amplifier and discover more entertainment than ever on the Android 4.2 Jellybean OS. The Android Jelly Bean teams up with the Tru Octa-Core processor on the Canvas Knight to deliver a furiously fast performance.


Canvas Knight's Tru Octa-Core processor allows for all eight of its cores to run simultaneously, offering a decisive combination of performance and power-efficiency. Do more things at once on the Canvas Knight with its 2GB RAM that helps you speed things up and lets you access all applications, faster.

Advanced web browsing
With the unique ability to allocate individual browser tabs to CPU cores, Tru Octa-Core allows for a faster, more stable web browsing experiences.
Smoother user interface
With the ability to delegate user inputs to individual cores and render 3D effects more smoothly, the functionality and appearance of user interfaces in both applications and operating systems are significantly enhanced.
Superior gaming experience
The advanced multi-threaded programming deployed in the Tru Octa-Core, enables different sequences to be allocated to different cores, delivering enhanced video frame-rate processing and exceptionally low-latency gaming experiences.
Efficient video playback
When on decoding mode, the battery used for decoding HEVC (H.265) FHD video can be reduced by up to 18 percent compared to current quad-core solutions. While on display mode, Tru Octa-Core provides users 20 percent more frames.

12.7 cm Full HD IPS screen

Dive into an amazing world of colours and HD entertainment on the 12.7 cm Full HD IPS screen which has a stunning 1920*1080 resolution. The best part, its dense pixel composition of 443 pixels-per-inch delivers images in life like clarity.



Say Cheese!

Click images on your Canvas Knight just by saying 'Cheese' or 'Capture'! Featuring the next generation M8 Largan Lens, the 16MP primary camera lets you capture the action as it happens. The M8 Largan lens also ensures vivid image capture with its optically aligned lens framework that snaps crisp & clear images. Click crystal-clear selfies with its 8MP front camera.

16-megapixel CameraChip™ sensors

Supporting 16-megapixel burst photography, the CameraChip™sensor can also capture High Definition video at a 1080p(1920x1080) resolution. You can store all your picture perfect memories in high-def on the immense 32 GB internal memory. Built on high-performance 1.34-micron OmniBSI-2™ pixel architecture, the sensor supports emerging standards in high-resolution video recording. The CameraChip™ sensors feature electronic image stabilization (EIS) which helps capture high resolution images in rapid succession.


Yamaha Amplifier

Amp up the volume on the Yamaha Amplifier which delivers advanced sound reproduction. Play your favourite tracks, loud and clear on the Yamaha amp audio system.


Android 4.2.2 Jellybean

Discover the hottest games, applications, music, videos and more on the immersive Android Jelly Bean OS. The Android Jelly Bean OS seamlessly handles all applications and lets you shuffle between them with added efficiency. This new OS also lets you download all the latest applications and software upgrades over Wi-Fi through FOTA to keep your phone updated.

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